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Logos & Title Treatments


Graphic Design, Layout, Branding


Various Clients

A good logo or unique mark lays the foundation for building a brand. I enjoy logos that can work in black and white at small or large scales, to highlight typography and strong fundamentals of design. Pictured above are some examples of my favorite logos and logotypes I’ve designed over the years for individuals, brands, shows and special projects.

1. Engine Masters Indicia
2. Hot Rod 75th Anniversary Alt. Logotype
3. Roadkill - Bad Ideas Brilliant Execution - Alt. Logotype
4. Muscle Car Challenge - Autocross Event Activation
5. Throttle Out - MotorTrend Original Series
6. Cereus - Health / Wellness Publishing Company
7. Week to Wicked - Automotive Build Series
8. Odyssey Games - Game Design Company
9. Motorcity - Podcast Concept Logo
10. Antillia & The Lost Cities of Gold - Board Game Logo
11. Runs Good - MotorTrend Original Series
12. Last Chance Garage - MotorTrend Original Series
13. Custom Carolina - MotorTrend Original Series
14. From the Archives - IP Pitch Concept Logo
15. Shift Talkers - MotorTrend Original Series
16. MTStore - B2C E-Commerce Logo
17. Roadworthy Rescues - MotorTrend Original Series
18. Roadkill Zip Tie Drags - Event Logo
19. Pikes Peak On the Edge - Documentary Logo
20. MDesign - Photographer Brandmark

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