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Project Corkscrew


Concept Render, Builder,
Designer, Photographer, Project Manager


MotorTrend, Factory Five

This was a pet project in the brand studio to foster a team building atmosphere and engage with co-workers to be inspired to engage in automotive activities, as well as celebrate MotorTrend’s 75th company anniversary with a hero vehicle. The Factory Five Daytona coupe was bought, designed and built together by the team at MotorTrend, Factory Five, and DSF Works (a non profit LA based outreach program) at the end of 2023 right in the center of Hot Rod’s El Segundo open office.

I picked this kit for the ease of assembly, the racing history and lineage of the car it is modeled after, and the excitement of driving a street legal race car. It is a great example of a vintage design, updated with modern performance parts; much like MotorTrend has shifted from a legacy print media brand to a digital entertainment property over 75 years.

The car is powered by a Ford Racing Gen. 3 Coyote V8 engine producing 460 horsepower and 420 ft. lb. of torque. The fiberglass body has a custom 4 stage paint with racing stripes using a Mazda Soul Red Crystal color, and Ford Wimbledon White racing stripes. Photos were taken in the El Segundo studio by myself, and was the last photoshoot produced in the Hot Rod photo studio location before the office was closed in 2024. Pictured here is the finished vehicle.

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